Planet Of Blood

by Ded Bugs

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Poppy fun punk rock about monster movies and silly stuff. Not unlike the Groovie Ghoulies, but not sounding much like them at all. Produced by that clever Mass Giorgini, this is a fun-filled jolly good time. Nothing terribly original, but a whole lot of fun and catchy as hell. Just when I give up on pop punk, bands like this make me remember why I loved it in the first place. Hats off to you guys.
-- MaximumRockNRoll

What makes this band so good at what they do is that they take their undeniably RAMONES-esque sound and infuse it with their own personalities. Their sense of humor and their odd quirks shine through the punchy rock and roll with ease. It is impossible to listen to this CD and not get sucked into the bopping good times.
-- Jeb Branin, In Music We Trust

Arguably the band's best . . . fueled by a love of pop culture and energized by loud, fast rock'n'roll, the band is putting together a sound that's equal parts smarmy, one-eyebrow-wrinkled humor and classic pop, run through a time machine into 1979. Mixing the occasional metal rave-up with a sing-along chorus, the band's expert at piecing together their influences, while maintaining an original take on life. Maintaining the ability to keep "Spiderman" cartoons at the center of your art's not something everyone can do. Luckily, the Ded Bugs can.
-- Thomas Crone, The Common Space

Ded Bugs won a Slammy last year for Best Punk Band, and it's easy to understand why after a spin of Planet Of Blood, their fifth [sic] full-length. The Bugs' winning goofy pop/punk isn't breaking any new ground, of course, but it never fails to charm and amuse, with zippy, handclap-peppered songs about dead girlfriends and zombies named Bob.
-- Rene Spencer Saller, The Riverfront Times


released November 13, 2001

All songs by M. Meyer c1999 and c2001 IBC Shadows Music
"Why'd You Go And Shoot Me In The Face" by M. Meyer / L. O'Neal c2001 IBC Shadows Music / Zombie Daycare Productions
"Zombie Named 'Bob'" by M. Meyer / D. Williams c2001 IBC Shadows Music / AllMustDie Music

Produced by Mass Giorgini
Recorded at Sonic Iguana (Lafayette IN)

Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering (Phoenix AZ)

Art Illustration by Matthew Shultz
Graphic Design by Ed McGowan
Band Photo by Jay Fram



all rights reserved


Ded Bugs De Soto, Missouri

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Track Name: Have You Ever Walked Around With Da Bugs On Ya?
it ain’t fun like California
itchy itchy clothes
and legs run around in your brain

hey high rise guy you’ll never know
how I feel tonight
sleepin out in the cold
I keep walkin
while you walk away

it ain’t cool like french girls from Canada
it’s hard to make friends
when everything gets in the way

I got a patched up heart full of broken dreams
the last record I bought was something by The Supremes
in ‘67
and now I’m 68

a bar of soap and some brand new clothes
then I’d be okay, I’d buy her a rose
and together we would open presents on Christmas day

it’s not nice like Palm Springs, Florida
itchy itchy clothes
and sleeping on the sports page

hey mrs. cosmo you’ll never know
how I feel tonight
while you buy fancy clothes
I keep walkin
while you walk away
Track Name: The Backbeat Wouldn't Leave
my daddy’s got practice, it’s a saturday night
gas fridge is full of beer, big brother’s uptight
my mother’s got her fix of television primes
the backbeat never leaves

the family band moves it on over at eight
my uncle, Donnie drums to Art’s stand-up bass
and he likes to drink Stag, but that’s okay
‘cause his backbeat never leaves

backbeat, baby get the backbeat
baby doll, come on down and move your feet

backbeat is getting louder as the night moves on
the women laugh louder, dance & drink it up
and up in my room we’re screaming Ace Frehley songs
yeah, the backbeat never leaves
Track Name: Why's You Go And Shoot Me In The Face?
I thought we’d marry when we grew up
I held your hair back as you threw up
we used to hold hands at the movies
share popcorn and monster sodies

I though we made a love connection
my blues guitar, you drink selection
you changed the way I look at things
now I’ve got an open mind in need of suturing
Track Name: Bandwagon
the bandwagon’s coming
it’s making its rounds again
full of hip clothes, catchy phrases, hottest fashion
if you don’t know, just look around and see
you can be kewl and you can be trendy

this wagon’s never full
yes, you can ride it too
a fat man with ice cream rides it through your school
if you don’t know, just look around and see
you can be phat and you can be sweet

come ride on the BANDWAGON!
Track Name: Crawl Back To Your Grave
baby baby, why you come around?
baby baby, creeping around my bed
why do you still visit me?
hey babe, I think you’re better off dead

try baby, to make you see
maybe baby, you got some issues
try baby, but you give me the willies
tears streak down your rotten tissue

why do you haunt me every day?
baby, why can’t you CRAWL BACK TO YOUR GRAVE

maybe babe, you just didn’t know
a dead synapse move real slow
you walk by and the room gets cold
baby, better get a move on with your soul
Track Name: Serial Breakfast
just you wait a while
the nasty man in black will come
with his little chopper
he will chop chop you up
you’re so naïve and so charming, child
but soon you will be dead quick

cherry drops and lollipops
and skin that turns pale green
I’d like to taste your ruby lips
come be my baby, Starling
‘cause your sharp and intelligent
but I’d like to see you dead quick

I watch your sleepy head in bed
and drop honey on your face
let the locusts gather around
to give it a taste
‘cause you’re smart, but unfortunate
so sad you will be dead quick
Track Name: Primary Ingredient: F-U-N
cruising in my Barracuda
and watching horror movies in my room
I’ll vote for more monsters next election

shooting paint balls ‘til after dark
and thinking about putting men on mars
I’ll fly a spaceship right past Washington

yeah, politics is another world
it makes no sense just makes you old
you don’t have to be stupid
just remember what’s #1


your head is a wreck
your face is a mess
your brain is under the gun
and if I had to form
a hypothesis
you just forgot what’s #1
Track Name: Zombie Named "Bob"
my buddy, Bob came over on a saturday night
we watched some Psycho and Fright Night
with no beer left in the fridge
we hopped in the Yugo and left High Ridge

chased some girls into a morgue and spent the night
next morning Bob was green & petrified
now he’s slower than Mark Grace
and his lips fall off his face

my buddy is a ghoul now
ain’t it all cool now
he’d take the back off his shirt for you
someday girl, he’ll give his heart to you
Track Name: The Monsters Are Not Alright
I tell you I saw a most ‘orrible sight
I walked out on the street tonight
a happy family approached in the light

not alright

Fr’zrblu is out at the pool
swims in sync to the mob rules
succubi oil his chest to a shine
vampires are sunbathing, drinking wine

now, I saw a man walking with a cane
through his hat I saw his brain
I think he saw me, although he was blind
he shook a monster’s hand
and then they waved goodbye
Track Name: Don't Mess With My Rock'n'Roll
bubblegum baby with a milk shake, shakin’ like a hot teeny-boppin’ treat,
in a cute mini-skirt you’re my rock’n’roller derby queen

you got one hand on my handle
and the other hand is handling me
c’mon girl, spin your wheels
into my backseat

‘59 black Cadillac comin’ for you
my rock’n’roll’s on fire,
but her aim is true

cruisin’ 66, two kids getting kicks
peeling out into friday’s scene
the blood red leather starts to fill
with your body heat

now I know you’re a real good dancer
and I wanna get next to you
you’re not like other dames
their brains all stuck in glue

a real Batmobile, I’ma comin’ for you
my rock’n’roll’s on fire
but her aim is true

she’s my rock’n’roller skating rock’n’roll